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Stainless Steel Plate Type Air to Air Heat Exchanger For Energy Saving and Recovery System
Product Description Plate air heat exchanger is a type of environmental-friendly product which is used to recover heat, reduce energy consumption and save fuels. It is applicable to devices used to convert natural gas, oil gas, naphtha and other raw mater
Stainless Steel Removable Plate Heat Exchanger
Removable Plate Heat Exchanger Product Description JIEMA plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of thin metal plates that are pressed to corrugated shape, then stacked and fixed with bolts in a frame. Narrow and tortuous channels are formed
Carbon Steel Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger with High Heat Transfer Efficiency
 Spiral plate heat exchanger Product Description Spiral plate heat exchanger is composed of two rolled steel plates which form two uniform spiral channels where two heat transfer media can realize a full countercurrent flow and thus substantially enhance
Air Preheater of Copper Tube Air Heat Exchanger
Tube air heat exchanger Product Description Tube air heat exchanger is a type of air pre-heater that has been extensively applied in China. It is composed of many steel tubes which are arrayed in paralleled and staggered way. Two ends of the tube are sold
Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger with High Transfer Efficiency
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Product Description Brazed plate heat exchanger is formed by braze welding in vacuum braze welding furnace by using lots of herringbone corrugated stainless steel sheets (316L or 304) and pure copper (99.9%). It is commonly app
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