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Carbon Steel Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger with High Heat Transfer Efficiency
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Product: Views:112Carbon Steel Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger with High Heat Transfer Efficiency 
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Carbon Steel Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger with High Heat Transfer Efficiency

Spiral plate heat exchanger 

Product Description

Spiral plate heat exchanger is composed of two rolled steel plates which form two uniform spiral channels where two heat transfer media can realize a full countercurrent flow and thus substantially enhance heat exchange effect. The connecting tube on the crust is of shear structure and featured by small local resistance. As the curvature of spiral channels is uniform, there is no great steering of fluid flow in the equipment. The total resistance is small. So it is possible to make the equipment possess fairly high heat transfer capacity through raising the designed flow rate. Appropriate technical calculation should be conducted at the time of equipment selection to make the media in channels reach turbulence state. (The flow rate of fluid is greater than 1m/s and that of gas is greater than 10m/s in general.)



High heat transfer efficiency: The heat transfer efficiency of spiral plate heat exchanger is 1-3 times as much as that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The maximum heat transfer coefficient is up to 3,300W/(㎡k).

Effective recovery of low-temperature heat energy: Two heat transfer media in the equipment can realize heat transfer through a full countercurrent flow, being applicable to heat transfer with small temperature difference, recovery of waste heat, and full application of low-temperature heat energy.

Strong operating reliability: The two non-removable channels are welded for sealing, which can ensure that the two media are not mixed together.

Small resistance: Spiral plate heat exchanger can process large-volume steam or gas with fairly small pressure loss. It has a self-cleansing ability, for the media flow spirally and results in remote possibility for dirt deposition. It can be easily cleaned with steam or lye and allows for installation of cleaning device. As the medium flows in a single channel, and the allowed flow rate is higher than that of other kinds of heat exchangers.

1>.Electrolyte heating          
2>.Concentrated lye cooling
3>.Quenching oil cooling                  
4>.Oleum cooling
5>. Fatty acid cooling
6>.Steam condensation



Founded in 2005, JIEMA is one of the leading carbon steel spiral plate heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency manufacturers and suppliers in China for its excellent services and quality products. Welcome to buy the customized heat exchanger at cheap price from our factory. We can also offer you the quotation consultation if you need.